Becoming a Boarder

Once the application procedure is complete, prospective Boarders should return the Entrance Form with appropriate deposit to confirm acceptance of a place.

Once all interviews and assessments are complete and a place has been offered and formally accepted, we will send a Joining Information booklet which should answer most Boarders' questions. We will also send medical and parental permission forms which parents are required to complete.

Students below Sixth Form level are required to wear uniform which is purchased through the online School Uniform shop A uniform list will be included in the joining information and can also be found here. All bed linen and duvets are provided although students are welcome to bring their own. Upon arrival all boarders are given a Boarders' Handbook. All new boarders are assigned a ‘buddy’ to look after them.

Pupils new to King’s, and who are joining us as boarders, arrive a few days before the term starts to enable them to enjoy an induction course with boarding staff and their fellow, new boarders, to be shown around School and the beautiful local town of Rochester and to get their bearings while School is still quiet. In that way, they may start term feeling settled into their new routine. The induction course covers many practical facets of life in School and also in the UK such as the School day, the School year, activities in School, lessons and their format, mealtimes and boarding routines. Practical information and help are also give on such matters as how to open a bank account, ensuring that the pupil has everything he/she needs as far as uniform is concerned and British expectations as far as manners and discipline are concerned.