Boarding Inspection Report

King’s Rochester ISI Boarding Inspection

Dear Parents,
King’s was visited in February 2016, for an Intermediate Boarding Welfare Inspection,
by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and I enclose a copy of the final report for
your information with this letter. The inspection took place over two and a half days and
focused primarily on assessing our compliance with the National Minimum Standards
(NMS) for Boarding Schools.

During the inspection period, the inspectors conducted formal interviews with boarders,
held discussions with senior members of staff and with the Deputy Chair of Governors,
observed some of the extra-curricular activities on offer to boarders and attended
registration sessions during the school day. They also visited both School House and St
Margaret’s to eat with the pupils, inspect our facilities for sick or injured pupils and
analysed the responses of boarders and their parents to questionnaires covering a range of boarding-related issues completed prior to the inspection.

I am pleased to be able to tell you that the vast majority of the findings of the ISI
inspectors were positive. They reported that:
“Boarders speak positively about the school’s induction programme which supports their
integration into the boarding houses and school.”
“They (the boarders) identify several members of staff to whom they would willingly go
for help or advice in dealing with any personal difficulty.”
“The school has effective policies, subject to regular review, to promote the physical and
mental health and emotional well-being of boarders.”
“....from the menus seen and sampled, inspectors found that the food is nutritious and
appropriate in choice and quantity.”
“ discussions, boarders spoke appreciatively of the opportunities available (for free
time and activities)”
“Houses and the school have extensive grounds that provide safe areas for recreation or
for boarders to be alone.”
“ ..........boarders feel safe in their boarding houses.”
“Boarders are appreciative of the international nature of their community and report that
they do not experience discrimination.....”
“Boarding staff respond readily to parents’ concerns and ..... resolve them at an early

In addition to the physical checks and interviews, the inspection also deals with the school’s documentation and record-keeping to assess compliance in various areas of boarding legislation. Whilst all our staff undergo Disclosure and Barring (DBS) and other vetting checks before they are able to enter employment with us, this process was recently extended to require that pre-employment vetting should also include checks against lists of those Prohibited from Teaching and Prohibited from Management. During this part of the visit, the inspectors established that the school had omitted to carry out this additional procedure. Immediately this omission was identified by the inspectors, retrospective checks were carried out and were in place, with no negative findings, before the end of the inspection. Unfortunately, however, the omission at the time of the inspection means that the published report is obliged to state that the school did not meet all the ISI National Minimum Standards for Boarding and highlights this in the Summary at the beginning of the report, stipulating that such checks are made henceforth and that the School’s Governing body should monitor that this continues to happen in future. It has since emerged that many other schools were also unaware of this new requirement and, while this is clearly something we regret, we would not want this to cause unnecessary alarm regarding the safety of the pupils. We have now taken measures to ensure that no such omission can happen in the future.

I am though delighted to say that the report is entirely positive on a practical level about
the pupils’ experience of boarding at King’s. The safety, security, well-being and
happiness of all pupils at King’s is, and will continue to be, at the heart of everything we
do and it was heart-warming to hear that the boarders themselves, consider King’s a
great place to live and work. Please see the link in the Useful Downloads section on this page for a copy of the full report.

Jeremy Walker

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