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Boarding has been described as "living with friends" and that is certainly the impression we all have of boarding at King’s. The best bit is that there is always someone around of your age and with similar interests to play pool, or computer games, listen to music, watch a dvd, or to go into town with.  We catch up on Facebook and by text when we are at home, but it's not as good as being able to hang out at school!

Boarding has changed a lot, especially in recent years, and at King’s there are now a number of different ways in which you can experience living and studying away from home.

If you are a Full Boarder, you live and study at school during the week and at weekends during term-time. After school and at weekends there is lots going on – lots of clubs, activity sessions and outings - and friends and family are welcome to visit you and take you out for the day, if they wish. Full-boarding is popular with pupils whose parents live a long way from school, or overseas, and full-boarders go home during the long Christmas, Summer and Easter holidays. Some will also go home at Half-Terms, but many will spend Half-Term with UK relatives, or friends and those from overseas will stay with their guardians.

If you are a Weekly Boarder, you go home on Friday and come back on Sunday evening. This option is popular for those living nearby, or in London. Weekly boarding means that you can enjoy after-school boarding activities during the week and get your work done at school, but then go home at the weekend.