Fees from 1st September 2018 to August 209

Day Pupils

Nursery Pupils (Options)

  • 5 days per week £2,375 per term
  • 4 days per week £2,035 per term
  • 3 days per week £1,555 per term

Pre-Preparatory School

  • 4+ (Year R, 1) £3,385 per term (10 instalments of £1,015.50)
  • 6+, 7+ (Years 2, 3) £3,670 per term (10 instalments of £1,101.00)

The above fees include lunch 5 days per week

Preparatory School

  • 8+, 9+ (Years 4/5) £4,395 per term (10 instalments of £1,318.50)
  • 10+, 11+, 12+ (Years 6/7/8) £4,985 per term (10 instalments of £1,495.50)

The above fees include lunch 5 days per week

Senior School

  • 13+ - 18+ £6,440 per term (10 instalments of £1,932.00)

Lunches (Senior School only) 

  • £405.00 Michaelmas term
  • £330.00 Lent term 
  • £210.00 Midsummer term
  • Total: £945.00


Preparatory School

  • 11+, 12+ (Years 7/8) £7,320 per term (10 instalments of £2,196.00)

Senior School

  • 13+ - 18+ £10,530 per term (10 instalments of £3,159.00)

Fees are payable in full termly in advance before the first day of term via direct debit. As a concession they may be paid by direct debit in ten equal instalments from September to June. The right is reserved to make late payment charges composed of interest calculated on a daily basis at 5% per annum over base rate from the first day of term.

The agreement for education of the pupil at the School may be terminated by giving a full term’s notice in writing. Failing this, a full term’s fee in lieu of notice is due.

Additional charges are kept to a minimum and are mainly confined to:

  1. Public examinations, instrumental music tuition, SEND and EFL
  2. For GCSE and A Levels, where there are specific demands for additional materials ed in DT and Art, an additional charge may be made;
  3. Termly supplements are charged for fencing and rowing
  4. Charges for use of the School bus
  5. Some weekend activities for boarders will be recharged

An entrance deposit is payable when a place is accepted. This deposit is refunded when the pupil leaves the School but is forfeited if the parent decides not to take up the place after the entrance deposit is paid or does not give one written term’s notice. Non EU boarders may offset the final term's fee with their deposit payment.

DAY PUPILS: £500    
BOARDERS (UK&EU*): £1,000       
BOARDERS (non EU): one term’s fees

*Plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway & Switzerland

A registration fee of £100 must accompany the application form.

Visa Guidance: Non-EU nationals will require a visa in order to study full-time in the UK. King’s Rochester is a Tier 4 Sponsor. Any applicants who would like King’s Rochester to sponsor their visa application may be asked for an advance payment of fees before a CAS licence will be issued to ensure sufficient funds criteria are met. For further information on UK visas, please click here.


Nursery & Pre-Preparatory School

Guten Morgen Schule

  • £8.20 per session (07.30am - 08.45am)

The above fees include breakfast for pupils arriving before 08.10am.


  • £6.70 per hour (03.30pm - 05.30pm)
  • £11.00 per hour (05.30pm - 06.30pm) Includes supper for pupils

Please note that late picks up after 06.30pm will be charged at £25.90 per 10 minutes.

Preparatory School

Before School Care

  • £5.30 per session (07.30am - 08.10am)

The above fees include breakfast for pupils at 07.30am.

After School Care

  • £11.00 per session (05.30pm - 06.30pm)

The above fees include a hot supper for pupils.

Please note that a late pick up charge for every 10 minutes would be applicable.