“Félicitations” to star GCSE performer, Sophie

“Félicitations” to star GCSE performer, Sophie

Sophie Guillemot only came to King’s Rochester for a term in 2010 to improve her English – but she liked boarding so much that she stayed!

This morning, Sophie, who is back at home in Montpellier for the holidays, will be celebrating her decision to study at King’s as she achieved 9A*s and 2As in her GCSEs. And she can add these to the A in French and B in German AS results she collected last week and which she took a year early!

Unsurprisingly, Sophie joined King’s Senior School as a Full Academic Scholar but, as well as her studies, she also participates fully in all school activities and earned herself a reputation as a bit of sharpshooter in the CCF when she fired a 1mm group in poor light from a single shot No.8 rifle.

Sophie is also a talented artist and swims for King’s.

Felicitations Sophie! Résultats excellents!