From Paris to Tanzania to…Bristol!

From Paris to Tanzania to…Bristol!

It has been a year of extremes for Angus Roughley (OR). In March he brought the house down with his performance as M. Thénardier in the Senior School Production of Les Misérables, in August he learned that his hard work had paid off gaining an impressive AAC in his A levels – PLUS he had the experience of a lifetime volunteering  on a community care project in Tanzania!

Angus says “Dar Es Salaam is one of the poorest parts of southern Africa. Life expectancy is low with an average life span of late forties. I spent time in an orphanage teaching key primary skills to children, many of whom came from families with HIV and AIDS or who are malaria sufferers. I also taught adult English classes and led some HIV prevention seminars in the local community. Although it was hard at times and I faced many harrowing situations, I had a fantastic time and it was unbelievable experience which I will never forget”.

Angus’ results have earned him a place at Bristol University to study Italian and Russian. Well done Angus - we wish you lots of luck for the future! 

Below: Angus is Master of the House as M. Thénardier. 

                       In Tanzania                                                                                      On results day