A Level and GCSE Results

The fantastic results produced at King’s Rochester represent a huge amount of hard work and dedication by both the pupils and their teachers.  King’s thrives on the rapport between staff and pupils both in and out of the classroom and we pride ourselves on knowing the pupils and their families very well. 

Our results come alongside the benefits of the much wider education on offer at King’s.  Our pupils excel in sport, drama and music among many other enterprises and it is the personal qualities they develop alongside their academic performance which makes them such engaging young men and women with bright futures ahead.  

GCSE Results 2018

Pupils at King’s Rochester are celebrated outstanding GCSE results in 2018 made especially pleasing in light of the move towards more rigorous courses and a new grading system*.  A record 26% of all grades are at A* / 9-8, a figure which has doubled since 2012.  With 46% of grades at A*-A / 9-7 (only 2% behind last year’s record haul) it is no surprise that many pupils have been rewarded with excellent grades.

Such successful grades were achieved across all subjects with notable performances coming from English Language where an astonishing 41% of grades were at 9, 65% at 9-8 and 82% at 9-7.  The Sciences all performed well with 96% of grades in Chemistry and Physics at A*-B and 64% at A*-A in Biology.  Given national concerns over the decline of Modern Foreign Languages, results in German were excellent with 77% A*-A and 93% A*-B.  Design Technology scored 55% A*-A and 90% A*-B while in Music 63% of grades were at A*-A and 88% at A*-B including pupils who took their exams a year early.  Art also saw fantastic results with 27% at 9, 46% at 9-8 and 91% at 9-6.

*Under the new grading system a 7 is equivalent to an A grade with an 8 being the threshold for an A* and a very limited number of top scores being given a 9.  A 6 is equivalent to a B grade and the C grade is spread between 4 and 5.

Previous years’ results summaries can be downloaded from the links on the right of this page.

A Level Results 2018

King’s Rochester has a strong reputation for maximising the potential of pupils and this year was no exception as students achieved excellent A Level results.

11% of all grades were at A* and 25% were at A*/A with more than half of all grades being at A*-B. The top 40% of the year (comparable to a grammar school cohort), achieved 49% of their grades at A* / A with 84% A*-B. The overall average UCAS points were equivalent to three B grades per student.

With such great results it is no surprise that our students are off to a number of exciting and prestigious destinations including Durham, UCL, Leeds, Reading and Southampton. Equally pleasing is the range of courses they will pursue including Dentistry, Architecture, Law, Computer Science, Politics, Digital Media, Aeronautics, Economics, Estate Management, Accounting, Civil Engineering and Mathematics showing that studying at King’s opens up a world of opportunities in the future.

Music is a particular strength at King’s where students sit the Cambridge Pre-U as a more rigorous alternative to A Level and this year’s cohort saw 80% of all grades at the equivalent of A*-A. 

Other outstanding results came from the Art Department with 90% A* grades and 100% A*/A grades. Students in Mathematics achieved 79% A*-B and in both Chemistry and Design Technology 67% of all grades were at A*-B.

Previous years’ results summaries can be downloaded from the links on the right of this page.