Girls just want to have...degrees in Maths and Chemical Engineering!

Girls just want to have...degrees in Maths and Chemical Engineering!

When it comes to gender-stereotyping, the girls at King’s Rochester just don’t want to know!

Amongst a particularly good crop of a level results collected today, King’s Rochester Sixth formers, Isabella Norris (1A* and 3As), Annabel Woolley (2A*s 1A and 1B) and Michelle Rayko (1A* and 3As) will all go on to study for degrees in Mathematics at Southampton, Durham and Warwick respectively. Not to be outdone, classmate Beatrice Siyanbola (2A*s and 1A), will take up a degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Manchester.

Head girl, Annabel said, “There are no such things as “boys’ and girls’ subjects” at King’s! This year, for instance, there were more boys doing Russian than Mathematics! If you love a subject, you are encouraged to work hard at it and be the best you can be, whatever it is”.

Principal, Jeremy Walker said, “We are very proud of the wonderful achievements of all our pupils today. One of the many strengths of King’s is the calibre of our UCAS and careers advice as well as the breadth of our curriculum. Together with their hard work, these open doors for pupils of all ability levels and with interests and career plans across the spectrum. Many pupils will, of course, take the tried and tested Russell Group university route to read subjects as diverse as Medicine, Modern Languages, Economics, Finance and Humanities subjects. This year we also have students entering degree courses in the US (Liberal Arts in Michigan), at Magdalen College, Oxford (Music), Central St Martin’s (Art Foundation) and Drama – and in the last few years, pupils have also won music scholarships to top conservatoires and joined blue-chip companies on hard-won apprenticeship schemes. Success takes many forms and we are very proud of the talented individuals who have worked hard for the results they have received today”.

Below: (l-r) Michele Rayko and Annabel Woolley; and Beatrice Siyanbola. For more photos of our happy A level pupils, please visit our photo gallery.