King’s Rochester Year 9 student Christian Blandford has been exceptionally productive in his free time, designing games for both online play and virtual reality. 

Christian has always held a passion for gaming and began teaching himself to develop games at age 9. Now he has a catalogue of games that spans 16 different titles, over a million plays/downloads between them and over ten thousand subscribers to his YouTube channel. 

‘Overnight 2’ came to the attention of famed YouTuber ‘Markiplier’ a who records play through videos of computer games and whose channel is currently the 21st most subscribed channel on the video platform. His video has been viewed over two million times, bringing hundreds of new players to the game and a recent video of Christian playing ‘Overnight 2’ is close to reaching an amazing two million views on YouTube. 

An accomplished composer, Christian also creates the creepy soundscapes for his games, drawing inspiration from acclaimed musician Ludovico Einaudi. His music is hauntingly beautiful while at the same time terrifying. Christian has even admitted occasionally being so spooked by his own work that he’s needed to take a break.  

Christian came to King’s Rochester after reading about our Music programme and all that we offer to talented musicians. Initially a shy child, Christian certainly handles his newfound fame well, replying to both fans and naysayers with a calm professionalism beyond his years.  “King’s has helped my confidence grow, I would never be doing any of this a few years ago”. Christian also leads a programming class for Sixth Form students after school. 

With an ambition to compose video game soundscapes, Christian’s future is certainly full of opportunities. Comments such as “Child Prodigy” and “Amazing Game Developer” pour in from gamers across the world, His network of admirers include Scott Cawthorn, creator of ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ the game which initially inspired Christian to develop horror games and with the full support of his family, teachers and friends. We are certain great things lie ahead. 

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