In November 2016, 63 000 pupils from across the world, entered the Primary Maths Challenge. Of these 1,932 pupils who scored 19 or more out of 25, were invited to take part in the final bonus round in February 2017. One of these pupils was Himanshu Upreti who is in Year 5 at King’s Rochester Preparatory. 

Himanshu faced a very challenging hour long paper and achieved 19 marks out of 25 earning a Silver Award. Out of the 1,932 pupils contending 93 achieved gold awards, 302 silver and 480 bronze. Himanshu was just two marks away from a Gold Award. Nonetheless, this places him in the top 1% of an International Competition. What makes this such a remarkable achievement is that Himanshu is a year younger than most competitors. 

In March 2017 Himanshu and his fellow pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6 faced 1000 maths questions in the Kent Sumdog Challenge. These pupils were competing not only against their classmates but also against 567 pupils from across Kent schools. Himanshu scored an outstanding 991/1000 placing him 1st in Kent, while his classmates stormed the top 15, taking 12 spots. 

Himanshu with his certificate 

The competition also ranked Maths Classes and out of 55 competitor classes, King’s Preparatory school was proud to see Year 4 set 1 take the top spot while our other classes took 7 spots in the top 10. 

King’s Preparatory School are immensely proud of our pupil’s achievements, we believe mathematics to be a vital skill for all pupils no matter their ability. Regular competitions like the Primary Maths Challenge and Kent Sumdog Challenge help to encourage pupils to maintain and strengthen their mathematic skills both inside and outside the classroom.