On Tuesday, 26th September children in the Pre-Prep celebrated the ‘European Day of Languages’ - a day that has been marked across Europe since 2001 with special events to show how much fun languages are. 

Frau Neubauer started the day off with a Language Assembly. The children learnt about unusual languages, like a whistle language (El Silbo) or a clicking language (Khoisan). She also showed pictures of unusual scripts. Then the children went back to their classes for more fun. Each year group chose a country for the day:

Nursery - Spain
Reception - France
Year 1 - China
Year 2 - Mexico
Year 3 - Italy

Children learnt songs and dances, made flags, sombreros, ponchos, decorated biscuits, played in a football tournament, retold the story of the Chinese New Year, made lanterns and dragons, assembled fajitas and much more. Everyone enjoyed the day immensely - teachers and children alike!

Lunch was also special. The main course contained Spaghetti Bolognese (Italy) and for dessert the children enjoyed Churros (Mexico).

On the following Friday all year groups showed their parents in assembly what they had learnt and how much fun they had. A German song (‘Ich reise durch die Welt’) about travelling around the world introduced each country. The parents had to guess the country by identifying a song. A wonderful assembly was enjoyed by all.