Pupils at King’s Rochester Pre-Preparatory & Nursery School have raised an amazing £4,111 for Little Lights’ Orphanage in India.

Head of Pre-Preparatory School Languages, Frau Katja Neubauer, visited the orphanage with her family in 2008. She said, “We were so touched by the children who have nothing but are so happy”.

The pupils at King’s couldn’t wait to start supporting the children and they adopted ‘Little Lights’ Orphanage’ as their charity right at the start of the year. Over the course of the year, they raised funds through a variety of activities including a sponsored walk holding a book, a cake sale, home clothes days, a Jazz Night and even a pyjama day!

Reverend Samuel Motupalli, Head Pastor and Founder of the Little Lights’ Orphanage, invested the donation in a range of new school books for the children. In his thank you letter he wrote, 'We thank all the donors and those who contributed to the fund raised by King's Rochester. It is a great blessing for Little Lights’ Orphanage and the children are sending their grateful thanks and love to all who participated in fundraising'.

Headmistress of King’s Rochester Pre-Preparatory & Nursery School, Mrs Catherine Openshaw, said, “We are so proud of all the children, and the way that they think of others who have less than themselves. The children at School particularly liked the fact that we were raising money for the children in the orphanage to buy books as we all love books here so much… Our sponsored walk around the Paddock carrying a book, was a real highlight of our fundraising activities! We are so pleased that we were able to help the children in India in some small way.”

Also, Josephine a pupil in Year 3, chose to ask her friends to donate to Little Lights’ Orphanage instead of bringing presents to her birthday party this year. Josephine’s selflessness has allowed the charity to purchase two goats. As a thank you for her generosity, they asked Josephine to name them - she chose Winona and Luna!

Rev. Samuel said, ‘Children love their goats and thank their friend for her birthday gift. Josephine, we are proud of you for being so kind and generous and thinking of others so readily.

About Little Lights’ Orphanage

Little Lights’ Orphanage is situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh in the south of India. In 1991, a teacher called Samuel, took 20 needy children into his own home and so the orphanage began. The children are provided with all of their basic needs, such as food, clothes and a loving home. The children receive a high standard of education from elementary school to vocational or degree level education too. Many of the classes are taught in groups of up to 100 with no desks or chairs. Over 25 years, this temporary solution grew into an organisation called ‘Reach’ which is at present caring for 1,500 children between the ages of 5 and 21. The Little Lights’ Orphanage is part of this organisation and, at the moment, 120 children are living there.