Pastoral Care

W e pride ourselves on the positive relationships established between staff, children and parents in the Nursery Class and the Pre-Preparatory School as a whole. Indeed, this area of Pre-Prep life was rated "excellent" in our 2013 ISI report.

The Class Teacher provides the primary care and is the first point of contact for pupils and parents.

Parents or carers have the opportunity, at the beginning or end of each day, to speak with the Class Teacher for quick messages, concerns or queries. There is also termly, more formal, Parents’ Evenings for updates on progress.

If a private, or more in-depth discussion is required, an appointment can be booked with the teacher or the Headmistress via email to the School Office.

At the start of each academic year, the Pre-Preparatory School and Nursery children are involved in discussing class and School Rules, both in class and in assemblies.

The following general rules apply to all pupils:

  •      Always try your best.
  •      Always be kind with your actions and your words.
  •      Always help others if you can.
  •      Always listen when someone is talking. Take turns to talk.
  •      Move about the School carefully and calmly.
  •      Respect your classroom, the school grounds and the resources we have.
  •      Be polite and remember good manners.

And our playground rules were discussed and agreed by our School Council:

  •      Have kind hands and feet.
  •      Do not leave the playground without asking an adult.
  •      Be mindful of each other and include others in your games.
  •      Look after coats, jumpers and blazers - put in your class tub.
  •      Look after plants and trees – do not pick the leaves.
  •      Play with the equipment sensibly.

The School operates a positive behaviour reinforcement scheme. In the Pre-Preparatory School, pupils are praised for good behaviour, manners and effort. This occurs both verbally and with the award of ‘Golden Time’, star stickers, certificates and house points. Stars are awarded for careful work and achievement and children gain Bronze, Silver, and Gold prizes when they have accumulated 60 star credits. The prizes are given out in our Celebration Assemblies. ‘Golden Time’ is a weekly reward for all children who have made positive behaviour choices throughout the week. Certificates are awarded each week to a member of each class that has ‘stood out’ for the teacher in a particular piece of learning.

The School operates a positive behaviour reinforcement scheme. In the Nursery and Pre-Preparatory School, pupils are praised for good behaviour and effort both verbally and with the award of merit and star badges and certificates. Merits are awarded for good effort and kind deeds, stars are awarded for careful work and achievement.

We operate a house rewards system in the Pre-Preparatory School. Children are grouped into Houses - either Tigers (Red), Zebras (Blue), Hippos (Green) or Giraffes (Yellow). Children remain in the same coloured House throughout their School life, although the House names change for older pupils. 

On the rare occasions when children break the School Rules or repeatedly behave in a disruptive way, staff are skilled in offering a verbal warning and redirecting children to another task or area and more suitable behaviour. Staff discuss any repeated poor behaviour with parents and agree a management programme when this is felt to be absolutely necessary.