On 28th September Frantic Assembly, a well known contemporary professional theatre company, visited King's to deliver a full day workshop examining the form of Physical Theatre. The workshop was attended by Drama and Theatre pupils in the U5th and Sixth Form. 

Can you be terrified and fearless? That is how we started Frantic Assembly. We began with little more than a fierce work ethic and a desire to do something different and to do it differently. The name Frantic Assembly gives it all away. It conjures an energy created by joining together. It has always been about this energy and learning from each other.

From a reckless leap into the unknown Frantic Assembly has developed into one of the most studied and praised theatre companies working today.

Our ambition is that we continue to learn and remain committed to making brave and bold theatre. At times it is physically dynamic and brutal. At others it's proudly tender and fragile.

Frantic Assembly has always been about more than the work on the stage. It is about the ethos of collaboration, of empowerment, of that constant desire to improve. It is about telling stories in a voice we don't always hear and about finding talent in places we don't always look. Over the years the Frantic Method of devising theatre has helped people understand and make work throughout the world. (Source: Frantic Assembly website)

Throughout the six hour workshop, each activity provided an excellent framework and launch pad for our pupils own devised projects in GCSE and A Level Drama and Theatre lessons. The whole workshop was fantastic, inspiring and pushed our pupils out of their comfort zones. The practitioner from Frantic Assembly layered the practical activities so nothing felt impossible to create, helping the pupils to use a 'building block' approach to create their work.

By the end of the day the pupils had produced work that they would never have thought they were capable of. I look forward to seeing their devised work develop as a direct result of this workshop and follow up activities in the school Drama Studio. The pupils can also look forward to seeing two Physical Theatre style productions when we visit the National Theatre in October to see a new stage version of the Charlotte Bronte classic Jane Eyre and the Ambassador's Theatre in November when we will see a production of Othello by the National Youth Theatre.