Pastoral Care

As a medium-sized School where we all know each other well, King’s is proud of its friendly, open atmosphere.

The general pastoral oversight of pupils in the Senior School is by Houses and day boys and girls become members of one of the day Houses: Crick, Parker, Storrs or Whiston. Boy and girl boarders join together in House.  Each pupil will have a House Tutor who will monitor academic progress, extra-curricular involvement and general well-being.

With boys and girls from the ages of 13-18, the hope is always that rules are not strictly necessary and that young adults will know how to treat each other properly. At the same time, however, every institution has its own requirements for things like uniform and timings which do need to be known and followed. Most importantly the purpose of Rules in the Senior School is to ensure that boys and girls are safe, happy and thus able to achieve.

House Tutors are there to help pupils but pupils may approach any member of staff with any problems they may have. The aim of ALL our staff is for pupils to be happy and do their best to ensure they flourish. Pupils are encouraged to speak to any member of staff with whom they feel most comfortable. If there is a matter of a particularly serious nature, in accordance with the Children’s Act guidelines, there is an external Independent Listener available for pupils to discuss their concerns.