Standing Ovations Aplenty during our Open Mic Night

Standing Ovations Aplenty during our Open Mic Night

On Friday 29th June, Oriel House Garden filled up with eager concert-goers for our second and final Open Mic Night of the year.

Ms. Hebden and her team had been busily preparing the tech all afternoon, and we were all delighted at 8:45pm when it was dark enough for us to see their colourful lights!

The upper sixth took the lion's share of the limelight, and fittingly so, for it was the last outing for many stalwarts of the event, including Owen Luckhurst, Joshua Otuyalo, Cameron McColm, Alice Gilbert, Fiona Thomson, Samuel Greenlees, Lydia Kirton, with page-turning by Rachel Cox.

Notable extra-musical items were greatly appreciated, including Nour Kourbeh and Ska Welberts's poem about their nightmares in Chemistry, and Lewis Bentley's tangent into the world of magic and mentalism.

The evening was enriched by an array of lower school talent, which we look forward to enjoying again in the coming years, including contributions from Laura West, Christian Blandford, Luis Le Grove, Rupert Walker, Leon Neubauer, Ashwin Arupalam, Oscar Pyrke and Chris Walji, whose backing dancing left us all stunned.

Grateful thanks to Ms. Hebden, Mr. Hyland, Mr. Shefford, Miss Lowe and all on the Charities Committee for their help and support, to Mr. Blandford for his excellent photographs and to Mr. Walker for his invitation to Oriel garden.

J. Mountford - Director of Music