The School Day

In the Pre-Preparatory School, the day begins for pupils at 8:45am. Older pupils, from Reception upwards, may be delivered to the Pre-Preparatory playground from 8:25am when the playground door is opened and staff are ready, in the classroom, to receive the children. The Nursery entrance door is also opened at 8:25am and staff are ready for the children. 

The Nursery and Reception Year pupils are brought straight into School by parents or carers at the very start of the Michaelmas term. Parents are encouraged to stay until their child has settled in the classroom and, when they leave, to explain to their child what time they will be back. Parents with children in the rest of School are able to come in with their child if they wish or, if they have a message for the class teacher.

Children attending Guten Morgen Schule (Before School Club) in Rookwood House are escorted to School in the mornings and delivered, on arrival, to waiting staff.

Just before morning playtime, the children are served a glass of milk (or water, if they prefer) and a biscuit or piece of fruit. Nursery children are offered a healthy morning snack of toast or fruit around 10:30am and an afternoon snack of a drink and a biscuit or piece of fruit.

Lunchtime begins at 12:15pm for pupils. The children re-start classes at 1:25pm after outdoor play (weather permitting). Afternoon School ends at 3:30 pm for Nursery, Year R and Year 1 children and at 3:40pm for Year 2 and Year 3 children.

Class lessons throughout the day are mostly taught in your child’s classroom with their designated Class Teacher. In addition, a weekly Computing lesson takes place in the computer suite for each class from Year R to Year 3, as well as a daily German lesson (20-30 minutes) per class in Years R, 1, 2 and 3 with Frau Neubauer (or Frau Wagner in Year 3). Nursery pupils are also introduced to the German language with two 20-minute German classes taught by Frau Neubauer each week to pupils who are attending at the time of the timetabled sessions. Please note that the Nursery taster classes in German are not essential for pupils joining Reception; more structured coverage of ‘units of work’ and ‘topics’ in German will begin in Year R. Children are also taught Music (from Nursery) and Games (from Year 1) by specialist staff. PE and Games are taught by the class teacher in Nursery and Year R.