Outstanding GCSE results again - and so much more..!

Outstanding GCSE results again - and so much more..!

High-flying friends, Rebecca Titmuss, Amelia Chambers, Cordelia Heath and Claudia Carnell are celebrating today after picking up outstanding GCSE results from King’s Rochester. With 19A*s and 16As amongst the results in their envelopes, they are over the moon that their hard work has paid off so well.

Classmate Lydia Bradley’s last public performance was on the stage in School Hall as the feisty Mme Thénardier in “Les Misérables”, but today, she deserved another standing ovation for a great set of results which included 4A*s, 3As and 1C! 

Sportsman Sonny Nash, just back from competing in the Javelin section of the English School National Athletics Championships in Gateshead, was equally thrilled with the 3A*s, 5As and 1C amongst his results.

Principal of King’s, Jeremy Walker said, “Today has been a great day for our hard-working pupils and they all thoroughly deserve our wholehearted congratulations. Top grades at King’s were up again this year, many gained alongside local, regional and national accolades in sport, music and drama – but, in a broad-ability school like King’s, outstanding academic grades are not the whole story. Not everyone can be a straight A student and we are delighted with the achievements and results of the entire year group who have contributed so much to the positive, mutually supportive atmosphere of which we are so proud at King’s. Well done to all!”

Below: Katie, Amy and Morgan (l-r); Lydia Bradley; Rebecca Titmuss and Alex Barnes; Sonny Nash; and Lydia's star performance in Les Misérables.