The U13A Hockey Team have had a highly successful season this year and undoubtedly, the highlight was defending their title at the Granville Tournament.  With great focus and resolve, the girls fought off three teams’ efforts to steal the title from King's. 

Coach Mrs. Nicoll details the tournament below:

Our first match of the tournament was against Dover College.  Perhaps our nerves got the better of us as the match was rather underwhelming with a 1-0 victory.  The match was scrappy and did not allow us to fully apply what we had learned so far in the season.  None the less, the girls finished the match knowing they had more to offer.

Our next match was against Sir Roger Manwood. They performed well in their first match and we knew we would have to rise to the occasion.  Armed with two personal targets each, the players all knew what they had to do as individuals to contribute to the team’s success.  Their performance was nothing short of exceptional.  Our defenders were fortress walls, rarely allowing the opposition into our defensive D.  With our captain taking full charge of the pitch, Katriona Cumming distributed the ball gracefully to her forwards who were waiting to pounce in the attacking D.  Eight goals were scored in this match and none conceded. 

Finally we faced the feisty Ashford 1s who were determined to stop our winning streak.  It was a hard fought match with the players needing to stand their ground against an incredibly physical opponent.  Staying focussed on their personal targets, the girls all made fantastic contributions allowing the team to flourish.  The game concluded with a 2-1 win for King’s, therefore securing the title for a second year in a row.

What was most impressive about this team, was their fantastic sportsmanship.  They conducted themselves with dignity and integrity, representing themselves and the school to the highest standard. 

A huge congratulations to the girls, King's are incredibly proud of the team and the way they have represented the School this season.