On Friday, our U10 netballers were fortunate enough to take part in a netball festival, organised by our Head of Netball, MissPembroke.

Local Primary and Independent schools joined us, with the emphasis being able to provide an
opportunity  for  girls  to  play  lots  of netball in a fun and encouraging environment. Many of the schools competing simply don’t have the same facilities as us and netball is run as an extra-curricular activity.

The majority of girls will not start competitive netball until they join a secondary school. In this respect, the vision was to open up our excellent facilities to benefit other children.

With  18  schools  competing,  the  atmosphere  was  one  of  excitement  and  anticipation.
Alongside the players, we also welcomed parents and teachers, hosting around 300 people.

The teams were split into 2 groups with each school playing every team in their group. Rather than keeping track of loses and wins, prizes were awarded to individuals that displayed King’s own core values of Resilience, Passion, Ambition and Work Rate.

All teams love to score goals, so there was also an award given to the team that scored the most goals throughout the tournament.

This year, Miss Pembroke also invited two international players, Shantel Slater from Jamaica and Loreen Ngwria from Malawi to make a guest appearance. The ladies currently play for London Pulse and some of our children were fortunate enough to watch them live at the Copperbox a few weeks back. The awards given were chosen by Shantel and Loreen.