Shakespeare at King's

Year three of King's Rochester's four year partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Marlowe Theatre Canterbury:

Following a successful bid to become part of a two year national partnership scheme between the RSC and regional theatre venues in 2014 we are delighted to announce that King’s Rochester was this year made an Associate Partner School. This accolade recognises our school’s commitment to the exploration of Shakespeare’s works in the classroom and beyond and allows us to continue our successful partnership with the RSC and the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. We are tremendously proud of this project which in the first two years first two years saw King’s Preparatory School pupils perform A Midsummer Night’s Dream on the sea front and at Dreamland in Margate (2016) and King’s Senior School pupils perform Julius Caesar on stage at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury (2017.) 

Macbeth at Dover Castle 2018

This year some of our Year 3 pupils in the Pre-Preparatory School have had the chance to take part in this innovative project – therefore extending the whole project to all three parts of our wider school community. 

Twenty pupils were successful in applying to take part in a site-specific project with pupils from eleven other schools from across North Kent, to create a promenade performance of Macbeth at the historic Dover Castle at the end of June - which is being coordinated by the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury. King's have been given a section of the play towards the end where Macbeth witnesses one of the witches’ prophecies coming to life before his very eyes – Birnham Wood coming to Dunsinane Castle. 

Team Macbeth have rehearsed very hard for several weeks and enjoyed a stage combat workshop delivered by a visiting director from the Royal Shakespeare Company which took place in school. Two members of staff have also had the opportunity to travel to the home of the RSC at Stratford-upon Avon for two days of Shakespeare based training. This year’s project will culminate on June 28th at Dover where the partner schools will perform at various spaces across the Dover Castle site! Parents and guests will have the opportunity to follow the trail of the story of Macbeth all the way through the castle and its magnificent grounds atop the white cliffs!

This is a fantastic project and an amazing and unusual opportunity for our pupils to become involved in! Our pupils have been buzzing about it and it is clear to see how much all the pupils involved have enjoyed being part of something so special to celebrate the work of Shakespeare.  A lot of effort, hard-work and energy has gone into making the whole event a success and we wish our Year 3's all the very best on the day!

Please note that tickets for this event are only available form the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury and cannot be purchased via the school.  

Mr Mount (Head of Drama) Mr A Parker-Bruce & Mrs L Green (Year 3 teachers)