Romeo and Juliet – Sweet Sorrow

On the 19th March 2019 we left early to get to Canterbury. When we spotted the theatre the realisation of what was about to happen kicked in and everyone was buzzing with excitement.

We had a vocal workshop in the morning and learned how to project our voices using our diaphragms. We got to watch two schools do their technical rehearsal in the main theatre. We were so nervous when we first saw the size of the stage. The stage design was awesome with the two Houses of Capulet and Montague on either side in red and purple and some vivid glow-in-the dark posters and signs. When it was our turn to rehearse we were mic’d up and some of us got to wear Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ themed masks. Between rehearsals we were in the Dave Lee dressing room with the fancy lights around the mirror.

Before the main performance everyone was incredibly excited and we struggled to stay calm. We all took a deep breath and went on, those seven minutes flew by but we were so happy with our performances as we had all remembered our lines and our positioning. Afterwards we could still hear the loud cheers and applause from the audience which made us all so happy.

The whole experience was amazing, and everyone was so tired afterwards but if I could I would definitely do it all again!

Imogen, Year Six


King's Rochester and the RSC Associate Schools Programme

King's has been in a partnership with The Marlowe Theatre and the RSC for four years now. Previous projects have included; Macbeth at Dover Castle (2018), Julius Caesar at The Marlowe Theatre (2017) and A Midsummer Night's Dream at Dreamland in Margate (2016). 

The Marlowe Associate Schools Programme is run in partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company and aims to develop and improve access to Shakespeare both in the classroom and beyond and to deliver the best teaching through active drama techniques.

For pupils, the programme involves dynamic ways to learn about Shakespeare, artist-led projects, and performance opportunities on stages in the local community; this year culminating in the performance of Romeo & Juliet: Sweet Sorrow at The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. 

All our pupils this year had a fantastic day at The Marlowe Theatre and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to perform on a professional stage! In school, all Year 6 pupils have studied Romeo & Juliet in Drama lessons in the Lent term and participated in active approaches to exploring the text. 

Mr S. Mount, Head of Drama