Year Groups

Pupils may board at King’s Rochester from age 11 and, if the need arises, from a slightly younger age. The year groups are as follows (the corresponding King’s names are in brackets):

Year 7     (Form 3) Ages 11-12   
Year 8     (Form 4) Ages 12-13   
Year 9     (Remove) Ages 13-14  
Year 10    (Lower 5th) Ages 14 -15 First year of GCSE courses 
Year 11    (Upper 5th) Ages 15 -16 Final year of GCSE courses 
Year 12    (Lower 6th) Ages 16 -17 First year of  A level courses
Year 13    (Upper 6th) Ages 17 -18 Final year of  A level courses

Students may join the school in Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10 or Year 12. (Occasionally, should the need arise and we have spaces, they my also join in younger years). We only recommend that students with a very good level of English join in Year 10 as we prefer them to have time to settle in and to improve their English before they start working towards GCSE examinations.