I am delighted to Welcome you to King’s Rochester

It is a remarkable school with a rich and diverse heritage; people have been educated here for over 1400 years under the watchful gaze of Rochester Cathedral and Castle.

While a sense of place will have an impact on the development of the children learning here, it is the skills, experiences and opportunities provided to them, both within and outside the classroom, that will enable them to thrive in a fast-changing world. 

Ben Charles

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King’s Rochester Facts & Figures



Years Old



Cathedral Choristers educated in the School


Sports Fixtures a Year



Second Oldest School in the World


Pupils learning a musical instrument



Concerts & Performances a Year



Nationalities in our Boarding Houses

From the outside, King’s might appear ancient and imposing. Inside, it’s a gentle, modern and friendly place.



The atmosphere is the best thing, You’re free to be yourself.


I used to be quite shy and never put my hand up in my last school, but here it’s different and I often answer questions in front of the class.


The staff are willing to go the extra mile for you, and there was a genuine care towards you. This, I think is key to the happiness at King’s


The thing about Kings, was the wide range of musical opportunities for everyone to get involved in, from choir to jazz band and even contemporary music.


Before coming here I didn’t have any friends that lived in other countries. Now I’ve got friends that live in Germany, Russia, Hong Kong and Nigeria!