Documents, Policies & Reports

The following School policies can be downloaded from this page:

Whole School COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Whole School Admissions Policy

Whole School Fee Debtors Policy

Whole School Anti Bullying Policy

Whole School Behaviour Management Policy

Whole School Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Whole School Safeguarding and Child Protection  - During the Covid-19 Measures

Whole School PSHEE and Relationships and Sex Education Policy

Whole School Parents Complaints Procedure Policy

Whole School Educational Trips and Visits Policy

Whole School SEND Policy

Whole School EAL Policy

Whole School Gender Pay Gap 

Whole School Accessibility Plan

Pre-Preparatory School and Preparatory School Before and After School Care Policy

Copies of all our School policies are also available from the School offices, including the latest:

  • Acceptable Use of ICT Policy
  • Positive Handling Policy
  • Curriculum Documents for each section of the School
  • Expulsion, Removal and Review Policy
  • Supervision Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Three Year Accessibility Plan
  • First Aid Policy

For further information please contact the School offices:

  • Nursery & Pre-Preparatory School: 01634 888566
  • Preparatory School: 01634 888577
  • Senior School: 01634 888555