Senior School ISI Inspection Report

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) is responsible for the inspection of the 1,100 schools in membership of the Associations that make up the Independent Schools Council.  King’s Rochester was inspected by the ISI in January 2020 and we are delighted that all three parts of School were rated “excellent” in every area.  

In the Senior School inspectors found:

  • The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent
  • Pupils’ attitudes to their studies are excellent. Pupils develop excellent study skills
  • Pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding were seen to progress rapidly
  • The school accepts pupils with a wide range of ability and…. pupils make good progress during their time at school with many achieving excellent results in public examinations. More able pupils are especially successful in obtaining top grades at GCSE and A level
  • As pupils leave school, they are highly successful in obtaining places on the Higher Education courses of their choice
  • Pupils have excellent numeracy skills
  • Pupils achieve highly in the performing arts
  • Music is a strength…. (there is an) exceptional level of performance….
  • Pupils’ communication skills are highly developed
  • Pupils achieve high standards in a range of activities such as sport and music
  • The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent
  • Pupils take responsibility for their own behaviour
  • Moral understanding is excellent
  • Pupils take responsibility for the decisions they have to make for their future
  • Pupils are friendly, polite and treat all members of the school community with respect
  • Pupils contribute positively to their school and to their local community
  • Pupils develop an excellent spiritual understanding at school and strongly appreciate the importance of the non-material aspects of life