Scholarships & Bursaries

Scholarships with monetary value are available in both the Preparatory School and Senior School to internal and external pupils in the standard transition years of 11+, 13+ and 16+.  Pupils with a proven talent in Sport, Music, Drama, Art or Academic Attainment are encouraged to apply. 


At King's, we believe that being talented and motivated is something to be proud of and our scholarship system recognises and celebrates this.Honorary scholarships may be awarded to pupils of other ages (but not younger than 8) in recognition of significant levels of achievement.  Once the pupil reaches the next standard transition year, he/she will be considered for a Scholarship with fees remission. 

Scholarship Applications
  • The deadline for Scholarship applications for 2023 entry is Friday 2 December 2022
  • Scholarship Assessments will take place in: January 2023. 

Senior School Scholarships

Preparatory School Scholarships


Bursaries offer means-tested financial support to pupils who otherwise would be unable to attend King’s. They may be offered in addition to the award of a Scholarship to increase the value of the Award.

Assistance with Fees for New Pupils at the School
All candidates being offered a Scholarship Award are eligible for an additional means-tested bursary. In exceptional circumstances, the School may consider means-tested bursarial support for new pupils who do not fit the Scholarship criteria.

The School has charitable status and the Governors wish to ensure the limited available funds are used to support parents who otherwise would not be able to send their child to King’s Rochester. Therefore, any such award is based not only on the candidates performance in the entrance assessment but also on an annual declaration of income and assets, consideration of the benefit to the child of an education at King’s and also the likely positive contribution to School life that the child will make during their time here.

Assistance with Fees for Current Parents
Financial assistance may be awarded to existing pupils where a change in parents’/guardians’ circumstances results in difficulty in meeting tuition fees. The financial assistance is subject to careful consideration and assessment and, once granted, is means-tested annually.

Clergy Remission
Children of Church of England Ministers, and priests of a church in communion with the Church of England, are given a means-tested reduction in fees.

Service Personnel Remission
King’s operates within the MoD Scheme for Continuity of Education Allowance for boarding school pupils. Day places are also eligible for a Service remission which is calculated by means-testing.

Sibling Remission
Where parents have three or more children at the School, a reduction for each after the second child is given, amounting to 10% of the third child’s fees, 20% for the fourth child and 40% for the fifth and subsequent children.

Conditions of Scholarships & Bursaries
Parents will be required to repay all or part of the benefits they have received under the awards described in this booklet in any of the following circumstances:
• Up to three terms benefits (if received) if the pupil has engaged in serious misconduct or has been expelled or
• removed for reasons of misconduct by requirement of the Principal acting in good faith
• Up to three terms benefits (if received) where the pupil has been withdrawn for any reason