Cathedral Choristers

It is likely that there has been a Choir at Rochester Cathedral since its foundation in 604 AD and, each year, our talented Choristers continue the privilege of enjoying a wonderful, fulfilling experience which they will remember fondly for the rest of their lives. Choristers are educated at King's Rochester Preparatory School and sing in a variety of services throughout the year.

Boy Cathedral Choristers

The Boy Choristers at Rochester Cathedral, aged 8 to 13, are educated at King's Preparatory School and receive a Choristership  which includes 30% remission on fees. The Chorister Music Scholarship ceases at 13+ and those wishing to pursue a Music Scholarship in the Senior School will need to have achieved an appropriate standard on an orchestral instrument and in the theory of music.

Girl Cathedral Choristers 

Chorister Choral Music Scholarships are awarded to girls aged 11-15 who are educated at King's Preparatory School. They are awarded a 15% remission on fees. The Choristership ceases at 15+.

Voice trials for potential Cathedral Choristers are held by appointment for boys who will be 8+ on entry and girls who will be 10+ on entry. Those recommended by Rochester Cathedral’s Director of Music are assessed academically for admission to the School and interviewed with their parents by the Preparatory School Headmaster and the Canon Precentor of the Cathedral.


We are delighted to announce some exciting news about new developments planned for Rochester Cathedral Choir  starting  in  September  2020 which  will  offer  greatly  extended  opportunities  to  many  more musically talented boys and girls.

From September 2020 a single, mixed treble line of boys and girls will be introduced gradually to the Cathedral Choir, with all new Choristers attending King’s Rochester Preparatory School.

The new arrangements will be phased in over five years with all new Choristers receiving a package of financial  and  educational  support  including  fee  remission  and  music  tuition.  Means-tested  bursaries  at King’s are also available.

For more information or to receive an application form, please contact Ms Francesca Massey, Director of Music, Rochester Cathedral by telephone on 01634 843366 or by email


For further details, please email our Registrar, Mrs Susan Webb or call 01634 888590.