Boarding Life

On Your First Day, Boarding at King's

King's Rochester is well known for the strength of its Pastoral Care and we are especially good at settling in boarders who are boarding for the first time. On arrival at King's you will be given a tour of the Boarding House where they can meet the Housemaster of Housemistress (HsM), The House Tutor, House Parent and other new boarders, also enjoying their first day. You will then be shown your new room and the available facilities. Where possible we do allocate shared rooms to pupils who share common interests or hobbies, so you and your new room mate will have lots to talk about.

In the afternoon, we hold our annual Boarders BBQ, a great opportunity to meet with both new and current boarders from across both houses, enjoy some games on the Paddock and meet some of your new teachers.

We encourage you to spend the first couple of  days getting to know school routines and boarding life in the UK. You will be assigned a 'Buddy' from the House who spend the first few days by your side, sharing lessons with you and helping you find your way around.  


At King's there is always somebody to ask questions to and to speak with for advice about any concerns. We hope you will settle in very quickly but we do understand that for many students boarding will represent a change in their lives and everyone at Kings is here to make that experience as exciting and happy as possible. 

We'll keep you so busy you'll have no time to be home sick as we have a full range of events including before and after School clubs, a extensive co-curricular programme, outdoor pursuits and a variety of weekend trips and activities.

Boarding Community

The boarding community at King's is not large, but that mean​s that everyone knows each other really well. There is always something going on. There are two Boarding Houses, one for girls (St Margaret’s) and one for boys (School House) and, although the two Houses are a short distance from each other, they work as one family, meaning they enjoy activities together, eat together and compete against the day houses together. 


One of the best things about being part of a boarding community is meeting lots of other people of the same age, but who all have different backgrounds, interests, experiences, likes and dislikes. Some boarders at King’s come from other countries, so there is a lot of sharing about different cultures. When you live with other young people, you build up trust with them really quickly and you know that there will always be someone there to share the good times – and the times when things aren’t going so well, or if you feel a bit homesick.

The Housemaster/Mistress (HsM), are always there, if you ever need any help with anything or to talk through any problems. House tutors, the House parent, the School chaplain are there to support you during your time with us and the older boarders are great for helping with homework, if you get stuck after school.  You never hear anyone say that they have been lonely in boarding here at King’s.


Living & Sleeping

Each house is overseen by Housemaster/Mistress (HsM), who live in the building and are academic staff at the School. Though two separate buildings, School House and St Margaret' House work as one. Although the structure and rules of each house are broadly the same, each house has its own distinct personality and atmosphere, owing to the size of the house, the HsM, and of course, the boarders themselves. 

Each house offers comfortable accommodation and lots of space, with common rooms, study areas, computer rooms, music practice rooms and a fully equipped kitchen which is replenished daily with fruit, cereal, bread, milk and snacks. Boarders eat their main meals in the dining halls adjacent to the Houses and often choose to eat together making lunchtime an ideal opportunity to catch up with friends.

In recognition of their increasing maturity and responsibilities, Sixth Formers benefit from greater flexibility and privacy within the boarding houses, sleeping one or two to a room, with access to their own study areas. in St Margaret's House all Sixth Form study-bedrooms are en-suite and most Fifth Form rooms also have private facilities. 


In both Houses, boarders share some duties, with everyone doing their bit to contribute to a happy and efficient House.A laundry service is available for pupils and each House has a House Parent and a team of staff to help ensure everything rooms smoothly.