Digital Learning at King's

To continue providing the best possible education for King’s pupils, the School has an integrated Digital Learning Policy across the three schools.

In the Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory Schools, pupils have been using 1:1 learning devices for several years and continue to use their own iPad (Years 3 to 6) or Chromebook (Years 7 and 8) in lessons and for doing Prep and assignments. 

The Senior School has a BYOLD (Bring-Your-Own-Learning-Device) policy with pupils from Remove to Upper Sixth expected to have a laptop (Chromebook/Macbook/Windows 10 laptop) or keyboard tablet (iPad/Surface) ready to use in every lesson.

Learning devices will be used to access resources, complete assignments, and for personal organisation, including note-taking where appropriate. Educational activities may include researching information, producing documents, analysing data, participating in surveys, producing videos, reading e-books, accessing online textbooks, creating blogs, taking notes, or scheduling events. 

A focus of this initiative is digital citizenship, which means the responsible use of technology. By using learning devices in their day-to-day learning, pupils will learn digital skills, ethics, etiquette, and online safety. These are important aspects of participating in today’s world.King's is proud of its safe and secure learning environment with a filtered Internet connection fast, reliable and appropriately filtered connections for all pupils.