Languages at King's

The most valuable attribute to be gained from the study of a foreign language is the understanding and appreciation of different countries, cultures, people and communities. At King's Rochester we offer pupils the choice of German, French, Spanish and Latin.


In Nursery all pupils enjoy two weekly German lessons, we believe that introducing children to a foreign language from a young age instills a love of language and an understanding of different cultures that pupils carry with into adulthood.Daily German lessons are enjoyed by children from Reception to Year 3. In the Preparatory School, German lessons continue through to Year 5 where French is introduced and in Year 7, pupils can extend their skills by taking Latin or Spanish.

All languages continue into the Senior School where the option of Russian is available. We have created an exciting and innovative learning atmosphere where pupils are active participants in their learning of their languages and this encourages them to give their very best.

French, German, Russian and Spanish are offered at GCSE and A Level and most pupils opt to study two languages.  Trips to France, Germany, Austria and Spain provide extra cultural and linguistic opportunities.


"I really enjoyed trying my German out in the Munich Christmas Market, everyone was so friendly and encouraging"For those who wish to take their languages even further, Senior classes are offered in Ancient Greek and we run an annual Mandarin club after School.