Pastoral Care

Our priority is ensuring that happy children perform to their best and the school is an exceptionally happy and friendly place where moral values, self-discipline, emotional intelligence and a Christian spirit underpin our family community. This is embodied in the Aims and Ethos of the School which help to support the strong bonds between pupils, parents and staff and which are a fundamental feature of life at King’s Rochester. This is a school where all are cared for as individuals and where links between home and school are a real strength.

Nursery & Pre-Preparatory School

We pride ourselves on the positive relationships established between staff, children and parents in the Nursery and the Pre-Preparatory School as a whole.

The Class Teacher provides the primary care and is the first point of contact for pupils and parents. Parents or carers have the opportunity, at the beginning or end of each day, to speak with the Class Teacher, or Teaching Assistant, for quick messages, concerns or queries. There is also termly, more formal, Parents’ Evenings for updates on progress.

The School operates a positive behaviour reinforcement scheme throughout the years right from the Nursery. In the Pre-Preparatory School, pupils are praised for good behaviour, manners and effort. This occurs both verbally and with the award of ‘Golden Time’, certificates and House Tokens. Stars are awarded for good work and achievement, and children gain Bronze, Silver, and Gold prizes. The prizes are given out in our Celebration Assembly. ‘Golden Time’ is a weekly reward for all children who have made positive behaviour choices, been kind or displayed behaviour relating to the King’s Characteristics, throughout the week. Certificates are awarded each week to a member of each class that has ‘stood out’ for the teacher in a particular piece of learning. These are also shared in our Celebration Assembly. We also believe it is important to celebrate the whole child, and so Celebration Assembly is often a time when we share individual successes from outside school too.

We operate a house rewards system in the Pre-Preparatory School. Children are grouped into Houses - either  Crick, Whiston, Parker and Storrs and they remain in the same coloured House throughout their School life. The children in Year 3 are invited to apply to be House Captain or Vice House Captain. After a short presentation to their house team, they are voted in by their house team peers.  House meetings and events are held half-termly and include house poetry, a winter race and a pancake race. There are also opportunities for the house to come together socially, such as our house reading on World Book day.

On the rare occasions when children break the School Rules or repeatedly behave in a disruptive way, staff are skilled in offering a verbal warning and redirecting children to another task or area and more suitable behaviour. 

We recognise that some children require additional pastoral support in our fast-changing world and, therefore, have a ‘Listening TA’ in School who can offer sessions to allow children to talk to an independent adult and share their feelings/concerns. 

Preparatory School

We are actively committed to providing the highest standards of pastoral care to ensure the well being of all our pupils. Pastoral care plays a central part in pupils' lives during their time at the School, with a team of staff who support and care for them.

Although there is a well-organised system of pastoral care throughout the School, pupils are encouraged to approach those with whom they feel most comfortable for pastoral support.

In the Preparatory School, the Form Tutor provides the primary care and first point of contact for pupils and parents. In addition, the Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster, Second Deputy and Chaplain are also available to pupils and parents at any time.

Senior School

As a medium-sized School where we all know each other well, King’s is proud of its friendly, open atmosphere.

The pastoral oversight of pupils in the Senior School is by Houses and day boys and girls become members of one of the day Houses: Crick, Parker, Storrs or Whiston. Boy and girl boarders join together in House.  Each pupil will have a House Tutor who will monitor academic progress, extra-curricular involvement and general well-being.

With boys and girls from the ages of 13-18, the hope is always that rules are not strictly necessary and that young adults will know how to treat each other properly. At the same time, however, every institution has its own requirements for things like uniform and timings which do need to be known and followed. Most importantly the purpose of Rules in the Senior School is to ensure that boys and girls are safe, happy and thus able to achieve.

House Tutors are there to help pupils but pupils may approach any member of staff with any problems they may have. The aim of all our staff is for pupils to be happy and do their best to ensure they flourish. Pupils are encouraged to speak to any member of staff with whom they feel most comfortable. If there is a matter of a particularly serious nature, in accordance with the Children’s Act guidelines, there is an external Independent Listener available for pupils to discuss their concerns.

Boarding Houses

King's Rochester is well known for the strength of its Pastoral Care and we are especially good at settling in boarders who are boarding for the first time. On arrival at King's they will be given a tour of the Boarding House where they can meet the Housemaster or Housemistress (HsM), The House Tutor, House Parent and other new boarders, also enjoying their first day. They will then be shown their new room and the available facilities. Where possible we do allocate shared rooms to pupils who share common interests or hobbies.

New Boarders are assigned a 'Buddy' from the House who will spend the first few days by their side, sharing lessons and helping them find their way around.  At King's there is always somebody to ask questions to and to speak with for advice about any concerns. We hope that they will settle in very quickly but we do understand that for many students boarding will represent a change in their lives and everyone at Kings is here to make that experience as exciting and happy as possible. 

Our innovate system of tracking pastoral care at King's ensures that every small concern can be dealt with before it becomes a worry, starting with the HsM who looks after your child on a daily basis in the House right through to every member of the teaching staff and the support staff. This means that our boarders tell us that they are exceptionally happy and enjoy boarding life at King's.

The Medical Centre

Our Medical Centre at King's provides support throughout the week and is overseen by our own registered nurse. The School Doctor visits the school once a week and appointments can also be made for pupils to see a doctor at the Surgery at any other time. Appointments can also be made to see the School Counsellor, if needed. The staff at the medical centre have backgrounds and training that have given them a great deal of insight into all aspects of young peoples' needs.  Many of the school staff are first aid - trained and all boarding staff have advanced first aid training.
We have our own registered nurse on site and they provide medical care throughout the day in the school's Medical Centre. The School Doctor visits the school once a week and appointments can also be made for pupils to see a doctor at the Surgery at any other time. Appointments can also be made to see the School Counsellor, if needed. The nurses' background and training have given them a great deal of insight into all aspects of young peoples' needs.  Many of the school staff are first aid - trained and all boarding staff have advanced first aid training