Sixth Form at King's

Discover Sixth Form at King's

You are about to embark on the most exciting and challenging period in your academic career so far. A time when you can really focus on the subjects of your choice, pursuing your interests and creating the building blocks for your future university study or career choice.

 A Level study is characterised by small groups, a more discursive approach and a more mature relationship with your teachers. You will have increased levels of independence and be responsible for managing your own workloads both within and outside of school, ensuring you develop essential time management and organisation skills for your future life. These changes are visibly characterised by the transition to wearing a business suit rather than a school uniform, of being able to use the Sixth Form Common Rooms for independent study and accessing the High Street during your lunch hour. 

Focusing on three or four A Level subjects allows a depth of study that you have not yet experienced, you will work closely with your teachers to ensure you gain both the knowledge and the academic skills required for these Level 3 qualifications. Furthermore, you will grow as an individual, gaining wider world experience through CCF, Hands, The Charities Committee and Careers. 

Your academic progress will be supported with the Mindset for A Level study skills programme in the Lower Sixth and a focus on UCAS and Apprenticeships in the Upper Sixth. Our excellent Careers department will enable you to approach the next steps in your life with confidence and having experienced interview days and having met a range of employers and business people. You will also have the opportunity to take on positions of responsibility and leadership.

Make the most of these opportunities, whilst continuing to involve yourself in team sports, drama, music and enjoy the breadth of experiences that Sixth Form at King’s has to offer. Sixth Form is a time of both academic and personal development, both of which are fully supported here at King’s.

Sarah Miles
Head of King's Rochester Sixth Form