Reasons to Study at King's


Sixth Form is a time when you get a true choice of what to study, you will chose three or four A Levels and be able to really focus on your primary interests and passions. You will be taught in small classes, allowing the opportunity for you to develop your own voice. Your relationships with your teachers will change and you will take a more active role in your knowledge acquisition. Within A Levels you will be encouraged to question, to  challenge your assumptions and those of the people around you and to be creative in your arguments. 


Sixth Form is the time when you truly gain your independence, as learners and as young adults preparing for life in the world outside of King’s. We know that you are each unique, with your own interests and ambitions and we aim to support you, nurturing your success. 

As a Sixth Former you will be expected to study independently, with support on gaining the skills to achieve this. You will have Private Reading sessions where you can chose to study in one of the Sixth Form Common Rooms or the Library, learning to manage your time well is a key part of being a Sixth Former and prepares you well for future life. 


 One the strengths of King’s is it’s Networks. Our OR’s (Old Roffensians) are both our greatest ambassadors and our greatest supporters. As a pupil of King’s, you can join the Old Roffensians and access experts in many fields who will offer you support and advice in your career. In addition our parents both past and present offer indispensable support to our Sixth Form in assisting at Careers Lunches, Careers Days and many other key events.  Finally, you will build your own networks amongst your peers to support you through your Sixth Form journey and beyond.



This is a time when your academic knowledge will grow but more importantly when you will have time to explore and develop your wider skills. You will have the opportunity to take on leadership roles as a Peer Mentor, Subject Mentor or Prefect. There will be important roles to play in House events, spanning sport, music, general knowledge and debating. You will have the opportunity to develop your non-academic skills through the CCF, Charities Committee, Duke of Edinburgh, Hands or the Technical Theatre Society. Lamda lessons in public speaking are available and can contribute useful UCAS points. Your careers knowledge will also increase and through assessment centre days and mock interviews your resilience and confidence will grow. 


Sixth Form is a time of opportunity, but is also a time when you meet new challenges and need support to achieve them. At King’s we will support you at every step of your Sixth Form journey. Your tutor is always on hand to offer advice and support, whilst the Head of Sixth Form is always available to discuss concerns. The library facilities include PC’s for use in study time, wireless connections for laptops and access to subject specific books, journals and newspapers to support your wider reading for your A Level Study. The Sixth Form Common Room is staffed by teachers who can help support you during your Private Reading time. In addition,  at the beginning of the Sixth Form you will undertake a study skills day which is further reinforced during PSHEE sessions to help you develop and consolidate the necessary attitudes and skills to achieve at A Level. 

During the Upper Sixth you will be supported with your University applications by our dedicated UCAS Mentors as well as receiving careers advice on alternative routes in the workplace. Those considering Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science will receive specialist advice to prepare for, and make their applications.