Wider Sixth Form Life


Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education (PSHEE)

The PSHEE teaching programme aims to broaden the thoughts and outlook of our pupils, addressing areas and issues that are not covered elsewhere on the curriculum but which form an important part of modern life.

It also allows pupils to further develop a range of skills including critical thinking, advocacy, enterprise and decision making. Building upon the programme of study from Removes to Upper Fifth, our Sixth Form pupils focus on age appropriate modules helping to support and develop them during this crucial time in their academic career, as well as further developing them as world citizens. The Sixth Form Programme starts with a Mindset Module, to help our pupils in the transition from GCSE to A Level, getting them thinking about their medium to long term goals and what they need to do to achieve these goals. This programme focuses looking at a range of skills and attitudes which together give pupils the foundations for success. 

Within Personal Wellbeing, we consider their new role in the school and how they can develop their experiences. In Careers we consider our pupils’ next steps and consider both university and alternative routes. Citizenship Education continues to look at how we can make positive contributions to society as well as looking at new responsibilities that come with age, including driving. In Health Education we consider stress, particularly preparing pupils for the additional pressures of A levels.

PSHEE equips pupils with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective and democratic participation. It helps pupils to become informed, critical, active citizens who have the confidence and conviction to work collaboratively, take action and try to make a positive difference to their communities and the wider world.

These courses are taught within mixed groups, giving the opportunity to meet different pupils and to really hear a mix of viewpoints and ideas. 

Enrichment Programme

Pupils in Lower Sixth do not have lessons on a Friday afternoon as we allow space in the timetable for enrichment.  They have the option to join or continue in the School’s CCF (Combined Cadet Force), to contribute to our Hands programme, fundraise with the Charitiy Commitee or to take part in our Technical Theatre group (TECSOC).


Hands - Helping the Community

Intended to provide “Helping Hands for the Community” our pupilss undertake a range of volunteer roles providing support for other parts of the School community or where possible, in the wider local community. In recent years pupils have helped in local primary schools, supported the learning of Mandarin in a nearby secondary school, volunteered in local charity shops and in a local hospice coffee shop to provide a much-needed service for the community, and assisted local elderly residents with day to day tasks and gardening.

Hands encourages pupils to give their time to help those around them and in so doing learn new skills and values that they can carry through life. They are able to gain valuable experiences that can assist them in university applications and future careers.

Pupils are given the opportunity to apply for a placement that best suits their interests or skills and one that will, as well as benefitting others, provide them with valuable experiences too.

Charities Committee 

Each year, the Senior School chooses a charity to support throughout the entire academic year. The Charities Committee meet every Friday afternoon to work on raising money for this charity and come up with ideas to get people as involved in events and fundraising as we can. This small group of Lower Sixth pupils are absolutely essential in the smooth running of charity fundraising, and have a wide range of responsibilities. We work on events such as quiz nights, 5-a-side football, open mic nights, proms and discos, as well as raising money within school through things like cake sales and the annual Valentine’s rose deliveries. Charities Committee is a lot of fun, but also can be a lot of hard work and requires a committed and dedicated team who don’t mind putting in the occasional evening for an event.


The Technical Theatre Society

Technical Theatre involves learning the practical disciplines required to mount theatrical productions and concerts and is the foundation of work in television, theatre and film production. Pupils who are interested in learning these skills meet in the School Hall and/or Drama Studio in Vines Hall on a Friday afternoon. Pupils are expected to assist the technical crew who support all School events and productions, therefore only pupils who can commit to such events at weekends and some evenings will be allowed to partake.  

Activities are dependent on the shows/performance events being produced across the wider school, but can involve: learning to rig, focus and plot lighting, create sound effects and programme the sound desk, set painting, prop making, stage management and stage make up. Pupils also learn the importance of team work, self-reliance and hard work.


Peer Mentoring

Pupils in the Lower Sixth have the opportunity to become Peer Mentors. Our Mentors work with pupils in Year 7, Year 8 & Remove supporting them through the transition from the Prep to Senior School. Peer Mentors go into tutor time where they undertake a range of activities including running short lessons, supporting pupils with prep, answering questions and generally being a friendly ear. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain new skills including listening, leadership, time management and organisation.


CCF (Combined Cadet Force)

The aim of the CCF is to develop young people in Communication, Leadership, Deportment, Values and Standards through a uniformed youth organisation for future life whether it be Military or Civilian.

The CCF at King’s Rochester is led by Sixth Form pupils who have reached Senior NCO level. New joiners to King’s would therefore be required to have an existing CCF background to join this activity.